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Fat Headers for the R1150RT

Put some "Sport" in your R1150RT. Tired of a beautiful motorcycle that surges? Still looking for that additional oomph that 1150cc should provide? Just wanting to make a perfect bike even better? The "Fat Headers" for the new BMW R1150RT and R1150RS are the answer.

Ron Hankison Performance Engineering -- BMW R1150RT R1150RTs High performance Fat Headers for the BMW R1150RT and R1150RS. These headers are an exact replica of the OEM but using 1.75 in. mild steel tubing instead of the 1.5 in. stock size. They will fit a stock, Remus, or Staintune muffler. An improvement of 2.4 horsepower at peak, and about 5.5 horsepower improvement at redline (7,750 rpm) was seen on a stock motorcycle after only changing the headers to the "fat" headers. These improvements are even more significant on a modified bike.

Ron Hankison Performance Engineering -- BMW R1150RT R1150RTs Linked are a set of graphs that show the improvement in both horsepower and torque. The changes were measured on a DynoJet 150 dyno at Spears Enterprises in Campbell, CA. As you can see in the delta horsepower chart figure 1 and the delta torque chart figure 2. Improvement is shown in two areas. The first is the "surge/cruising" zone (3500rpm to 5000rpm) and the second is the "fun" zone (6000rpm to 8500rpm). This fantastic bike comes from the factory very breathing constrained.

Surging: The following is a quote from one of the beta testers. "I just got back from a romp with the fat headers. After about 400 miles on the headers I started out this AM and about 20 miles into the ride I realized the surging was missing. So I looked for it and its still lurking but you got to look for it. I got behind a flatbed with a tractor near La Honda waiting to pass for about 3 miles driving in the surge zone; I found I was no longer distracted by surging. I hope the surging is banished forever. 150 miles without it was real sweet. The biggest bonus is the power from 6000 RPM to redline. The power just keeps building to rev limiter. So much more FUN!!!"

Put some Sport into your touring bike.

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